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Welcome to C4YP

The C4TP site is your number one resource for everything related to gambling and a range of other very interesting topics. We want you to enjoy visiting this website and as such cordially invite you to take a good look around.

If you are interested in gambling, then there are plenty of articles and guides that you should have a read through as they will be offering you tips and advice on how to get the maximum from your gambling bankroll, and the topics listed below may be a good place to start your research!

Managing Your Bankroll – You are going to have only a certain amount of cash that you will have in your gambling bankroll and one thing you must always do if you want to have a fair chance of winning is to use that bankroll to its maximum potential. If you have tendencies towards problem gambling, you should not gamble at all.


We therefore would encourage you to make use of our series of guides that will show you how to manage your gambling bankroll, no matter on what it is you like to bet on!

House Edge Explained – When you gamble you need to learn about things such as house edge and payout percentages for when you do you are then going to be able to find out which gambling opportunities offer you the very best value.

We have therefore put together a range of must read guides that will show you which getting opportunities and worth taking and whilst ones are too high risk in regards to the returns you will get back from them if they win! 

Sports Betting Hints and Tips – Not every wager you will place on your chosen sporting event or sporting fixture is going to be a winning one, but when you do place any type of sports bet you will always want to ensure that you are getting the best value and the maximum returns and our range of sports betting hints and betting tips will certainly show you how that can be achieved.

Where to Gamble –There are such a large and varied range of different places that you can gamble at you will never go short in regards to where you can place a bet.

However, we have put together a range of gambling site guides and articles that will enable you to find where the best gambling is on offer based on what you fancy gambling on!

Types of Gambling Site Bonuses – Bonuses are freely available to all online and mobile gamblers and whilst some bonuses offer very little value or no value at all there are plenty of bonuses that are going to be worth claiming.

With that in mind if you fancy enhancing the value of your gambling bankroll by making use of a range of different bonuses then come and find out which are by far and away the very best ones to claim.

Gambling Related Problems – If you feel your gambling has got out of hand then there are plenty of support groups and organisations available that can help you. However, if you are thinking of gambling please always gamble responsibly and when the fun stops then you should stop!

Types of Variance Explained – Every game of chance is going to have a different element of risk attached to it, and one thing that you will always need to be aware of when you are thinking of gambling is just how much risk you want attached to any bets and wagers you choose to make.

In this section of our website we have a range of guides dedicated to variance, and we will be looking at just which casino games offer you a low, medium or a high variance type of playing structure, so you will be able to play the casino games which you prefer playing in regards to how much risk you want attached to your wagers!


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