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Different Types of Slot Games You Can Play

Slot machines are available everywhere these days and with so many different types of slot games on offer you are bound to find plenty of them that you will enjoy playing, and being random you could also walk off with a huge jackpot payout no matter which slot machines you do decide to play!

However, you may only be used to playing one type or one category of slot machine and may never have tried playing any of the other many slot games that are available to you. So with that in mind below you will find a complete round up of every category of slot machines that you will find being offered, online, via casino apps and even in land based venues too!

Fruit Machines – You are going to probably have the most entertaining slot playing sessions when you choose to play fruit machines, for many of them have dozens of different types of bonus features which are regularly triggered whenever you play them.

Keep in mind though that if you play fruit machines in land based venues the payout percentages can and usually are set very low, however playing online fruit machines or via a casino app will see you getting access to fruit machines which come with some much higher payout percentages!

Video Slots – Video slot machines comes with a screen as opposed to mechanical type reels and as such when you play then you will find they comes with a large number of pay lines, many video slots will let you pick and choose how many pay lines you can put into play, however some offer a fixed pay lien playing structure too.

However, what is found on the vast majority of video slots are one or more than one bonus games, and it will be those that tend to offer you the chance of winning big, much more than the payout listed on the pay table for the base game, so hunt around and there can be lots of exciting bonus games waiting to be triggered which can award some very large amounts of cash!

Fixed Odds Slots – Some slot machines are known as fixed odds slots, and when you play those type of slots you have to pick one or more of the winning combinations off the pay table and hope that the ones you pick get spun in!

Every time you spin the reels of any fixed odds slot machine one of the combinations listed on its pay table is guaranteed to be spun in, but the art of playing those types of gaming machines is to pick out the winning combinations that are spun in!

Progressive Slot Games – If you are interested in playing slot games which are going to give you the chance of winning what could be a life changing jackpot then the one type of slot machines that you need to be looking around and playing are the progressive slots.

There are no shortages of progressive slot games available these days, however what you are going to notice is that the way you can win those huge valued jackpots can be different on each slot you play.

Some progressive slots will offer a simple type of playing structure on which when you spin in the jackpot reel symbols on a certain pay line then the progressive jackpot is awarded to you.

However, some of the more recently launched progressive slot machines can and will award their progressive jackpots only via some form of bonus game which will need to be triggered and played off, or you may win the jackpot completely at random!

Three Reel Slots – There are two main types of three reel slots with the exception of the fruit machines mentioned above, and those are classic slots and standard three reel slot machines.

The Classic slots offer one pay line to players and have no types of bonus games or bonus features, but whenever you play them you will have the choice of playing or different coin values and will also be offered the ability of playing more than one single coin per payline.

When you play these types of slots make sure you check the pay table and see if there is an enhanced payout for when you activate the maximum number of coins and if so then the only way to play those games is by playing maximum bets, to take advantage of the enhanced jackpot payout when that winning combination is spun in.

The other type of three reel slots will offer you more than one pay line and you will often find some of the single line three reel slots may offer a basic type of bonus game which can be award to you from time to time.


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