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Playing Video Poker Optimally

Best strategy for video poker

There are plenty of different casino games that you are going to be able to play in your local casino, at an online casino or even on one of the new mobile casino sites, and one game that often attracts a lot of players are the video poker games or which there are several different variants available.

Unlike slot games for example there is a certain element of skill involved in playing video poker, for you will need to learn how to play the hands you are initially dealt out optimally, for that will have an effect on you then getting dealt out a potentially winning hand on the final stage of the game.

With that in mind below we have put together a range of hints and playing tips that will ensure when you do start playing video poker anywhere you will always have the very best chances of winning, or at the very least will reduce the amount of cash you are going to lose on any one single video poker playing session you do have!

So please read on and make a note of each of the following video poker tips, for there are some huge jackpots to be won when playing these types of games, and you will always want the best chances of winning!

Auto Hold – Playing video poker games will see you first having to choose a variant to play, choosing a coin value and then deciding how many coins you wish to play per hand.

You are then going to have to click on the deal button to send the game into live play and then five cards are dealt out to you, at that point in the game you then have to select which of those five cards if any to hold and with to discard.

However, if you activate the auto hold feature attached to most if not all video poker games then you will not have to work out which are the best cards to hold as the game will hold the very best one’s for you automatically!

Game RTP – Every video poker game you can play will have a payout percentage that you can achieve when you play that game perfectly, and with that in mind as a player who wants the maximum amount of play time and much more importantly the maximum winning chances you should be looking to play only those video poker game variants that have the highest payout percentages.

If you need a clue as to which variant of video poker can be played online that has the very highest payout percentage that look at playing Microgaming’s All Aces video poker game which boasts a payout percentage when you play perfectly of a whopping 99.92!

Bonuses – You will find that a range of online casino sites will offer you bonuses to play their video poker games with when you make a deposit.

However, you will have to complete some very high and substantial play through requirements when allowed to play video poker games with a casino bonus which usually negates any value gained from taking those bonuses, so most player will never claim them when it is video poker game you want to play.

Max Bet – Clicking on the maximum bet button when playing any video poker game will then see the maximum number of coins permitted by that game to be put into play.

Be aware though that there can be one major benefit of placing a maximum bet wager on some video pokergames as there can be an enhanced payout on the top paying hand, so do double check the pay table when playing video poker and if there is indeed an enhanced payouts for playing the maximum number ofcoins then always play those games that way!

Gamble Option – You should forget all about taking the double or nothing gamble game that is offered to you at the end of any winning hand combination dealt out to you, for that gamble game can have a negative effect on the payout percentage of the game and has no element of skill involved in it, so avoiding taking it and even de-active the option if you can via the option settings.


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