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Privacy Policy

As our website is a gambling based blog then it is aimed at an audience who is over the age of 18 years of age and as such if you are not yet 18 you are not permitted to visit this website. All of the information is for information purposes and entrainment purposes only and as we protect your privacy on this website below you will find details of our privacy policy, which we invite you to read through.

Using Your Information – You are ever going to have to give us any of your personal details to be able to view or read anything on this website or visit any section of it.

However, there may come a time when you do wish to sign up to our newsletters which we send out via email of you may wish to post and leave messaged underneath our blog posts and if you do then you will need to send us some personal information which is never passed onto anyone else and is always stored securely and safely.

Cookies – Visiting our website will see you having a cookie placed onto your computer, that cookies can be removed at any time from your computer.

However, by keeping that cookie in place every additional time that you visit this website we can then offer up tailored and completely relevant information you may be looking for based on that previous visit. Each time you visit this site that cookie will be updated on your computer.

Third Party Websites – To assist in you finding a range of additional resources as you look around this website we have links to many other third party websites, and you should be aware that we cannot be held responsible for any content you may find on any third party website we may have linked to from this website.


About Us

C4YP is the number one destination for everyone who is interested in gambling. This is an ever growing website that contains a huge amount of information in regards to gambling in all shapes and forms.

Please be aware that all of this information supplied is subject to change at any time, however what you will find as you take a look around our site is lots of recent and up to the minute news stories related to gambling in general.

We have also put together a lot of gambling related guides, and as such if you are interested in learning more about any particular gambling subject or any gambling game then please do take a good look around as those guides will enlighten you on how to play each game and how those games have been designed.

Please feel free to come and go as many times as you like to our website and make use of all of the information contained upon it. However, as the has full copyright protection across the world then you are hereby notified that you are under no circumstances permitted to copy or replicate anything you find displayed on any part or section of this website.

You will also find we do have our privacy policy displayed on this site and to view it follow the links to that section of the website.


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